Our Story

Jeremy and I had been working together for over a year, developing a friendship and bouncing money making ideas off each other’s heads. One of the conversation constants was pre workout supplements. One day after a long night of work Jeremy and I were going back and forth on the dangers of energy drinks. Jeremy being the type of guy to work every hour that a company was willing to throw at him, was all for energy drinks. Me being the type of guy to be perfectly happy with 40 hrs a week, opposed the drinks. That’s when Jeremy pulled out a bottle of pre workout from his lunchbox and said jokingly “fine I’ll drink this pre work instead”. At that moment, in that bucket truck we had our light bulb moment. Why not create a pre workout that not only works great In the gym but also works as a great energy drink substitute.

Why Midnight Oil?

Formulated for laser focus while you put in work. So whether you're looking for an intensity workout with unmatched pump or you're looking to stay focused and alert while you're working through the night. Make sure you're doing it with Midnight Oil. Founded in 2017, No matter what trade you are in, If you are at the gym or just need a enhanced boost. Midnight Oil Is the Only pre workout with Noopept, A natural method of improving cognitive functions. Highly Effective at protecting the brain and Boosts your memory and helps you focus.

About Noonpept

Noopept is a nootropic drug that can help promote increased learning and enhance cognitive abilities. Noopept increases BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which great improves cognitive performance.

• Shown to be Potent memory enhancer
• Increases brain BDNF
• Potent / fast acting enhancer
• Great for reducing anxiety


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